Multiple program listings in policy list

I have been through my computer security policy list and notice many regularly updated programs have multiple entries along with some others updated since I installed the firewall are also with multiple entries.
How can you stop this, or how do you tell which are safe to remove?
Something like the ZoneAlarm option to give an updated option to a warning is needed to prevent this

Hi John 7. Welcome.

Can you provide a Screen Shot of your Policy list? And by the way All applications & the file types that get Alerted for are put in Computer Security Policy & Network Security Policy.

You can also go to Control Panel>Add/Remove & Find out what you don’t need, Then remove things from the policies.


Try hitting the “Purge” button when in Defence+/Advanced/Computer Security Policy—>This should remove any invalid entries.

Hi I have done a screen dump of part of the list, it would take at lest 3 to get it all.This but has multiple entries for Logitech mouse, a new driver installed and Avast, keep getting lots of entry’s for this
Its not programs removed that’s the problem, or temp or tmp entries (though many regularly updated ones recreate them each time, it’s the ones that are there and have updates that are listed in all there multiple glory that are the problem. With ZoneAlarm you could right click and do a properties and find out if the entry was live or dead, or more it had a warning come up that you could select updated.

I have used the purge and its removed a lot of the installer paths but not the multiple entry’s updated programs.

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