Multiple profiles help

I’m trying to configure the free version to run multiple different firewall policies. I have the custom ruleset selected, but, I want a “User 1” and a “User 2.” I thought I had it figured out before by going to settings > configuration > export a configuration > import it and edit it. I did that twice and thought when I made one active, it changed all the rules in the custom ruleset. Today, I noticed my browser (was blocked on one) was allowed to go through on both configurations. Is this the correct way to go about doing this and perhaps something messed up? I’ve started from a blank slate and am creating my main configuration right now.

Rules are set system wide and only one configuration can be active at a time.

I don’t want them to run at the same time, I want to be able to switch. For instance, when my kid uses the computer, I don’t want her to be able to open chrome, messenger, or really quite a few programs. I want to limit the internet access to what she needs for school. Then, when she’s done, I want to switch configurations back to what I need. Is this not something that can be done?

Yes you can edit one of the default configs to what you want, then export the config and give it a name, do not import it yet. Then repeat by setting up the second config and export it again with a different name. Then import each one with different names, then you can switch between the two. So something likes this:

  1. Start with say the proactive config and make the necessary changes you want to use as one of the configs, go to export and make sure you say yes to save it, give it a name like config 1.
  2. Then go through and make changes to how you want the second config to be setup like, then use export and give it a name like config 2.
  3. After each config is saved, import each one keeping the config names you have chosen before.
  4. Use activate to select the config you want to use first, then switch to the other config when you want to use the second one.

You can also password protect CIS to prevent changes and switching to a different config.

If you want to start over for the second config using one of the base default configs, use import and browse to CIS install folder and select the one you want to create the config from. Then make the changes and export it with a different name.

I believe that’s how I had it set up. I tried to copy a base config by exporting > importing as new and renaming, but, no matter what I changed in the firewall settings of that new config, it let everything through. I just uninstalled and reinstalled comodo and it’s asking for everything that wants to access the internet (How I want it to start out) so hopefully I’m back on track. I’ll try a second config once I get this one the way I want it.

Thanks for your help, I’ll update if it works when I get that far.