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i be straight 1st before i get shot at, am a female, a blonde and comodo virgin, need i say more !!

so with that out of the way; i have downloaded comodo internet security v 3.9.95478.509 and have not messed from its default settings (so far)

could i also be able to run boclean in tandom with it or is that a no no :o

i have removed spyware terminator as it kept removing my yahelite chat client

i do on odd occasions use ccleaner :-TU have read some horror stories on forum here where some found comodo system cleaner a nightmare, is at easy to use as ccleaner (:LOV)

am happy to switch over as long i dont become a regular on the forum asking for assistance on mess i may make :wink:


Welcome to the Forum, Minx.
(watch out for Ganda) ;D

BOClean is now included with CIS (part of the AV) so you do not require it running in tandem.

As for becoming a regular and asking for assistance, that is what this community is for, to help each other when and if needed.

ganda who? 88)

it is? ??? ;D
welcome to the forum minx (:HUG)

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Always feel free to ask questions!

Give the search function a go just to make sure that the question has not already been answered (Makes our lives less repetitive, less repetitive, less repetitive ;D).

Welcome to the comodo forums!

Welcome to Comodo Ms. Minx.

I prefer CCleaner :-TU, as I had problems with Comodo System Cleaner.

I have found the following settings trouble free…

[b]Configuration - Proactive Security

Defense+ Security Level - Safe Mode

Firewall Security Level - Safe Mode

Antivirus Security Level - Stateful[/b]

You can select these by right clicking the shield icon in the taskbar.

Lots of help here if you need it. Just ask.