Multiple problems with Backup

I have been trying to get Backup to work for several days, and keep on encountering all kinds of problems. Not to be overly critical, but this product really needs to get an overhaul if it wants to become mainstream.

Where to start? The interface is not intuitive at all. When trying to backup a folder to the cloud, I keep on getting all sorts of different errors. The files that did upload cannot be deleted, because they are ostensibly “locked.” I can’t use the upload feature on the website either, because it always ends with “upload failed.” There are spurious files named “CosLockSync” which I never uploaded, but which cannot be deleted. The cCloud client doesn’t seem to be synchronizing properly, yet every few minutes there is a popup saying " X items successfully synchronized."

If someone doesn’t help me out with this, I will have no choice but to abandon it. Why can’t it “just work out of the box” like so many other popular programs?


The issues you have seem to be caused by files remaining locked on server side. An update to fix this issue will be released in a few days.


I see the server was updated… indeed the files are now unlocked. However, the main problems were not resolved at all. I still cannot complete a backup; it keeps on returning internal errors (112030). The cCloud client is still pestering me with messages, alternating every few minutes between “Successfully synchronized 12 items” and “Successfully synchronized 18 items” (when my folder contains, at most, 8 items!).

Having spent so much time trying to get this to work, I’m sorely disappointed. Especially since I now see that the 10GB signup quota expires in a year (or maybe 90 days, depending on which part of the site you believe…). Time to uninstall.

Glad I am not the only one who was having these problems.