Multiple problems... help

Multiple problems please helpp…

  1. Network Defense not showing In/outbound connections (Summary\Network Defense)
  2. Traffic tab not showing any info (Summary\Traffic)
  3. Tray animation not working…

Tried uninstalling and reinstalling… attaching the screen shot

[attachment deleted by admin]

Hello welcome to the forums.

Please provide us with some information about your computer, Operating system - other security apps etc.
Are you able to surf the web?

thanx for the reply… I am using Vista64 bit, with Adaware 2008 and Avira Personal edition as security apps… there is no problem surfing the web… problem seems only with Comody, everything else working fine…

Sorry - I forgot to ask you, What version of CFP are you using?

Comodo → Misselaneous → about

the version i am using is… i think its the latest version…

Alright thank you for cooperating - Could you please re-install Comodo and post back here if you still have the problem? If you do hopefully a Comodo Staff member or someone with more knowledge than I will be able to talk to you further.

Tried reinstalling, problem still persists…

If you got to Miscellaneous and run the Diagnostics, does it detect any errors? When you (re)installed CFP, did you disable other security/utility applications to minimize potential conflicts? Do you use some kind of theme-altering program like WindowBlinds?

I tried running the Diagnostics, its not showing any errors… Yes i had disabled the antivirus software and closed all the running applications… No i am not using any theme altering softwares…

Did you download CFP from the official site?

Some have reported that just before rebooting (after going to the Add/Remove to remove CFP) when it asks, that running Comodo Registry Cleaner fixed their problems.

Its now working fine… thank you very much…

What fixed it? CRC?