Multiple Portable folders

I like IceDragon for two reasons -

  • I can use NoScript (the only way to surf)
  • I can have multiple portable versions for different categories EG Programming, Health, etc
    I used to have multiple IceDragons, and they were completely separate from each other (Mind you I never risked running two at the same time).
    That was working well with v26
    I have today downloaded the installer, and done the following -
  • Let it repair/update my Installed IceDragon
  • Then I re-ran the Installer fresh, to create a portable version.
    The latter appeared to create a v26, and I used the toolbar at the top to update it to 38.0.5
    I closed that pgm, and fired up one of my older portable versions (v26)
    I then used it’s toolbar to update to 38.0.5
    THE PROBLEM is they appear to be cross-talking by showing the same Tabs (I always have browsers set to recall the last sessions Tabs).
    If I change the Tabs contents, and close a portable, and then open up the other portable, IT SHOWS THE SAME TABS as the just closed portable program.
    Surely, they should be completely independent of each other ?
    (And they are not)

PS I fired up the installed IceDragon, and it is showing the Tabs from the last session I had in a portable folder.
Should I uninstall the fully installed version, and never fully install again ?
Would that help solve my problem ?

Hi Rob C,
These issues are probably occurring because there is no portable option with version 38.
The portable option/mode is intended to be added back by CID version 40.

Kind regards.

Thanks for taking the time to reply.
There was a portable checkbox, and it did put it into the folder I had created.
However on reflection, the download link went to
And they only give you version
When I first ran that version (from and then I clicked the get latest button in the Toolbar at the top, I had one eye on the folder, and it was spring cleaned, and new stuff was placed in there.
I suspect that it is 95% portable, but is peeping into the installed folder, and remembering open tabs, etc into that installed folder.
So any portable version (v38) that I run is peeping into the installed folder, instead of the portable folder (appPath in VB6 terms).
I did some Googling and came across a couple of solutions involving passing some string when calling the program. However in spite of all my VB6 experience, I ain’t great at passing command line info.


You are correct - there is no checkbox for Portable
I fired up another PC that has never seen IceDragon.
I went to Softpedia which was offering 38.0.5
After I downloaded it, I checked and it was
I created two portable folders for it, and Did not accept the update to 38.0.5
They were both self contained, and maintained their separate Tabs and skins.
And there is no entry in the ‘Programs’ folder (I am using XP Pro)
Softpedia also offered Beta which I downloaded.
I started the install, but cancelled after noticing there was no portable checkbox.

I can experiment with that 2nd PC (I created an image so I can ‘roll back’)
This web page -

has this solution -
Comodo IceDragon 38.0.5 - no portable installation mode
Unpack ( using a 7Zip), create a shortcut to the folder with the profile
:*\icedragon.exe -profile ":\Your Profile"
Could someone elaborate on that for me ?


My problem is ‘SOLVED’

I downloaded FireFox Portable from PortableApps
I have shied away from their site, as I like to keep things simple, and did not want their front end.
I took a punt that I could avoid their front end, and I can.
Their download lets me choose the folder to extract to.
There is no front end.
I can tailor that instance the way I want.
I can clone it to another folder, and tailor that one.
They remain independent of each other.
Thus I can have as many as I want.
The version of FF is 41

I am now a happy camper,