Multiple PC problem

Hello friends, see if you can help me with a problem I have. I mainly use Comodo Unite program to play with my friends to play Minecraft. I created a server on my PC.

Minecraft server I have it on my laptop, and anyone who is in the Comodo Unite network can join the game smoothly. My problem is that my sister has also downloaded Comodo Unite on your computer and has joined the network but can not access the game server. Comodo Unite In my program does not appear to the right of the IP nick as the other players.

Can not install Comodo Unite on two or more computers to share one house connection to a router. Please see if you can help me. Something is wrong, let me chat with her through the program, but has no VPN capability.

She has disabled antivirus and firewall for Windows, but neither works. Please forgive my English, I’m from Spain.

ask your sister to leave network. after that ask her to join network again, but this time, make sure she’s check ‘enable vpn’ over join network option

“Enable VPN” is enabled by default. We tried to leave the network and re-enter, verifying that this enabled, and continue with the same problem = (.

Here you have a screenshot to see him. I am the user “dragonl” and as you can see “Laguna” is listed as “Conecting …” and never gets connected.

try this

also, go to control panel, network connections ( xp ) or sharing centre ( win 7 ) and:

for xp - press left alt - new menu will pop up - choose advanced - advanced settings. make sure CU is on top of connections. save, reboot and try now

for win 7:

in sharing centre, choose on left side ‘change adapter settings’ and again same thing with left alt, new menu … put comodo on top of connections, save, reboot

try to disable all firewalls you have, as well on your sisters pc. make sure, comodo is only one vpn based program, installed on pc ( if you or sister ) have hamachi, tunngle, evovle … uninstall it, reboot, and check priority of CU connections