Multiple outbound connections, normal?

Reading firewall logs and speculating as to what exactly is going on beyond the confines of my little security system has become quite the past time for me…


Looking at my outbound connections, I see this:

That seems like a lot for 1 session of Firefox and 4 tabs open within that session…what else could it be? My AV and other things have their own connection it seems…

Do web pages cause the number of connections to spike into these sorts of numbers?

I don’t think you have anything to worry about :wink:

I opened 4 tabs too, Same number off connections (Roughly) As you :slight_smile:


Do web pages cause the number of connections to spike into these sorts of numbers?

Yep, sure does. Every little graphic and advert almost invariably does a separate connection. Busy web pages make for a real spike in connections.

Yah, I’ll kinda help confirm this too.

A fairly busy web page (busy as in look) can be calling different panes from different servers so you can have numerous connections open for a single page. An example is that almost all pages that have any advertising banners/boxes, even their own ads, these will come from another server and each one has it’s own connection so they can add up.
Also, some larger sites with allot of info on their home page, will actually open a few connections from the same server so they can send the info faster. This means that you can see 3 or 4 connections with the same IP for a single page (which you do see in your screenshot) as each connection is bringing in the page info and it all gets stitched together much faster this way.

So, in other words and just as the others before have said…we thinx you’re jusy O-key Doe-Key here!!