Multiple Licenses?


Not sure if this is the right place to post this but here goes anyway:

If I wanted to purchase CIS Pro and I have 6 PCs at home (I know it’s mad, but I have two boys each with a PC and I have a laptop, my wife has a laptop, we have a media PC and my main PC) - do you offer multiple licenses or do I just need to buy one? I searched around on the site but it just kept offering me the single license unless I went for Endpoint which is not necessary.

The free version is good enough protection, but I felt after all the work you’ve put into this, I don’t have a problem ‘helping’ you out by purchasing the pro version, plus the ‘Expert help’ sounds cool, for when I’m away with work!

Thanks in advance.

I have a question like that and did not want to open another post. :stuck_out_tongue: On my PC I have a tri-boot >:-D. XP32, Seven32 and Seven*64. When buying a premium license for CIS PRO can use the same for the 3 boots or have to buy 3 licenses (Note that it is a single machine with 3 boots). ???