Multiple issues on winXP post auto-upgrade from Comodo 8 to Comodo 10[M2219]

I have to look after 5 desktops running winXP 32 SP3. All of them used to run without a glitch until the auto-upgrade of Comodo 8 to version 10 which happened last week. (no Comodo Firewall was ever installed)

  1. All desktops now have the windows XP FireWall disabled. (I did enable it manually, bad luck! The FW was again disabled after reboot/restart). Same thing happened with win7_64 where i did a temporary install of only Comodo 10 antivirus.
  2. I wanted to reinstall but Onfline Comodo 10 installer would not start, offline installer does the job but the virus-bases update never happens (had to find how to do that here on the Forum)
  3. I totally uninstalled Comodo 10 (there is no uninstaller tool in Start menu???) from the list of applications but I was shocked to see some 50 or more residual entries and keys left in the registry after this uninstall. Manual cleaning of the registry gave me a black screen and no boot for the winXP. I did roll back to a previous restore point by way of ERD_5 live-CD. That revived my winXP more or less.
  4. I did a new install of version 5.8 - the virus update was downloaded but was never finalized !!!
  5. After removing version 5.8 I am no longer able to install ANY Comodo antivirus - getting reports that “Windows installer has critical issues! and the like bla-bla”

Now I have 4 desktops with crippled Comodo 10 installation and 1 desktop without any antivirus protection with a broken registry and damaged windows installer that I will have erase and make a clean new install of winXP.

I used to run Comodo antivirus for some 4 past years and used to recommend it to my friends as a user-friendly and reliable product. Version 8 was perfection!!! Why spoil a good thing??? Why fix things which are not broken??? Why make that forceful auto-upgrade skipping to a higher version when Comodo 10 was no way close to a beta version??? I did not sign up to be a alpha or beta tester!!!
I do not need help from local experts - they are doing great job helping the users. i can manage things on my own. I just want to warn the users of possible consequences of Comodo’s experiments on users.
I am not angered with the Comodo developers, I am plain disappointed as I have not been in years!!!

PS How could I forget - “security agent cannot be started” now keeps reminding me that the old good days are gone now

Hi GreySparrowBird,
Sorry for the problems caused by last update.

You seem to have multiple problems, we would like to take a closer look at systems.
First thing we would like to get is diagnostic report from system where you see problem and we go from there.


Hallo umesh,
Thanks for your prompt reply. I will make the diagnostic report tomorrow. I guess it is the one I can do using the inbuilt diagnostic tool in the Comodo interface. If I succeed I’ll post it tomorrow only (11pm local time now).

Thank you and again sorry for the problems you have run into due to update.
We will be more than willing to dive deeper and if needed and you allow, can remote connect and get to bottom of the problem.


Hallo umesh,
I did the diagnostic on the 4 (less affected) desktops. The attached archive contains 4 folders with diagnostic reports for each desktop and my message with some details that I do ask to take a look at.
Unfortunately one report is way too big to be appended directly (not sure if it has been added), sorry to have to store it elsewhere as Comodo cloud seems to be not working.

ATM I only need to know if the Comodo antivirus installation should be left as it is (waiting for global correction updates) or if I still need to perform reinstall on these 4 desktops.

Many thanks for offering your kind help and advice

Hi GreySparrowBird,
Thanks for reports.

ATM I only need to know if the Comodo antivirus installation should be left as it is (waiting for global correction updates) or if I still need to perform reinstall on these 4 desktops.
If you mean you can't update, please try troubleshooting as suggested here:;msg855809#msg855809

Please let us know if that step worked for you as well.


Hallo umesh,
thanks for your reply
These particular 4 desktops had no problems with virus-bases updates as they apparently inherited link for servers from the previous Comodo 8. I did find that post explaining how to change https:// XXXX to http://XXXX and luckily I know it now because no update happens after a clean offline installation.
As for that most affected desktop (Comp4) that made me crazy yesterday, I can say that there was some luck for me today early in the morning. I made the final attempt to install antivirus but that was aborted due to “MainEngineThread is returning 1601…” there is a log to see.
Since I had not much to lose and was prepared to reinstall winXP I decided to apply kill-or-cure remedies.

  1. Cleaned windows installer tasks with msicuu2.exe (found everything on this forum)
  2. Applied “COMODO Removal Tool 2014 - Mods version.bat”
  3. And finally Uninstaller Tool.exe (did it twice as advised in GUI)
    My desktop survived the reboot and amazingly I managed to successfully install Comodo 10 using an offline installer
    Then imported the yesterday’s virus bases and after changing the server to http:// I managed to make a final update.
    Unfortunately the desktop later was used by my colleague and I had no time to run the diagnostic tool - I’ll hopefully do it next Monday - just to be sure the installation is now correct.
    Well - i luckily escaped the need to reinstall the winXP - real luck for me.
    I cannot be sure that my tricks with those cleaning tools were adequate - but that has worked.
    The winXP Firewall seems to be disabled as in all other desktops.
    Sorry for my long post. If you can provide any hints and advice (and criticism too) I will be very grateful.
    My best thanks to umesh for cooperation and help

Hallo umesh,
as I said it earlier I am ready to append the final diagnostic report of the desktop (Comp4) I had most probl with. The report was created after today’s earlier udate&upgrade. The diagnostic tool returned “probl found”. Please see the report attached. Nevertheless, after rebooting the desktop I ran the diagnostic utility again that returned - no issues found.
The winXP (Comp4) seems to be running as it should, the firewall is still being disabled by Comodo 10 antivirus. I plan to leave it as it is now waiting for eventual improvement via patches coming with updates.
I would appreciate it if you tell me whether I need or need not do clean re-install of the Comodo 10 antivirus on the 4 desktops (Comp1,2,3,5).
If there is a link explaining the best way of un-installing the Comdo 10, please let me know.

BTW that notice “…agent failed to start” does happen sporadically in like 1 desktop of 5 when I start them. It can actually be any desktop, not a particular one. No complaints just informing.

My best thanks to umesh

Please check again with It should be fixed.

Hallo futuretech,

Thanks for the reply. I’ll check it out first thing on Wednesday. I do not see those desktops every day (only 3 days a week). And I am more than sure that gradually things will get sorted.

My Best wishes

Hallo futuretech,

you were totally right. Version that came with the upgrade today has sovled the issues I reported earlier.
Agent starts as it should and winXP Firewall stays enabled after reboot/restart.
I guess it would be still best to do a crean reinstall of Version (rather than upgrade) and I did that with one desktop (have 4 desktops still left doing the reinstall one by one). Found the newest off-line installer here on the forum.

My warmest thanks for responding and helping