multiple instances of cavwp.exe

sometimes, my pc hangs because i see in the task manager that the process called cavwp.exe is running multiple times. I think it’s related to comodo, but i don’t know what it does. i have a screen shot where it runs two processes. is this suppose to happen? thanks.

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Hi rcata88,
One instance is dedicated to real time scanning of Comodo Internet Security, other instances of the process will be started for manual or scheduled scans.
What are all different processes in CIS V6?

You could open the task manager of Comodo Internet Security to view what tasks are being performed by CIS.
Manage CIS Tasks

Kind regards.

ok. i understand, but, for example, it wasn’t any scan running, manual or otherwise, but still there were 2-3 processes of cavwp.exe.

I too have sometimes noticed multiple instances when nothing was running.

Maybe the processes are delayed at closing on some systems after a scan function. :-\