Multiple FP

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Please submit the detected files through Comodo Antivirus Database | Submit Files for Malware Analysis so we can check them. Thank you!

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Looks like you have a bad install, those should be working just fine. Go to D+ and see if your trusted vendors list is still there, mine got deleted from some reason on an install and I had to uninstall, and reinstall and everything worked fine.

D+ have all that vendors. Do I uninstall with some tools or download comodo uninstaller if exist?

When I uninstall I use revo uninstaller set to Moderate. The only thing to remember is when the comodo uninstaller asks you to restart you say no and finish with revo, once that is done you can then restart.

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I have sent all False-Positive.

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Uninstall and manually delete some files in common files and under user folder and inastall again.
For the time being is very good, no FP.

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Nokia Software Updater nsu_ui_client.exe FP.
Look :

please submit that as a FP, when you see Heur.suspecious it means that it was determined automatically by the servers ( CIMA) and is a suspecious file. They can fix it for you.

Submitted :slight_smile:
Thanks for quick answer.

little off topic.
I saw your reviews on YT and I decided to try CIS.
This is trustful software and I will keep it on my PC for long time, I hope :-TU

Sorry bad eng

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I got a new review coming up, it will really make you see how good it is.