Multiple CIS issues

I like Comodo. After initially giving it a try, I decided to make it my preferred security suite. Until now it has worked fine for me.

Because broadband is not available where I live, I am forced to use dial-up. For that reason I keep automatic updates disabled. Today I tried for the first time to do a manual update. Everything started normally but after a minute or two an error message popped up saying my Internet connection had been lost halfway through the download. I tried several more times on two different computers with the same result each time. I checked carefully and there was no problem of any kind with the connection during any of these attempts.

Finally I gave up and resigned myself to downloading the latest version of the whole package. At first I tried to install it over the previous installation in the hope that my configuration settings might be retained. The installer said the old version had to be removed first and asked if I wanted to do that so I said yes. At that point the installer vanished into a black hole of some kind with no message or other indication whatsoever. It just evaporated. It took me awhile to realise that nothing further was going to happen. I tried it a couple more times just to make sure. Finally I manually uninstalled the old version from the Control Panel. After that the installer worked fine.

After the new version of Comodo was finally installed I clicked on the virus database update. This downloaded normally and then asked me to reboot my computer to complete the process, which I did. When I checked it, though, the database was not updated. Instead, it continued to say the database was out of date and had never been updated. I tried it twice more, with the same result. Each time the updates are downloaded and I’m asked to reboot, but after rebooting nothing has changed.

As I said, I like Comodo, at least up to now, but all of the above nonsense is giving me second thoughts. How good can it really be if things as simple as these can’t be made to work correctly? It leaves a very amateuristic impression. In any case, I still can’t get the virus database to update and even if I do, I can’t update the software without losing all my settings each time. Surely that can’t be the intention.

May be Where can i download the latest full AV database? is of help for you. This download of the av database supports resuming; so you can use a download manager.