Multiple Accounts for EasyVPN Required?

Currently use a wide range of remote support tools from LogMeIn, VNC, SSL VPNS and RDC, etc, etc. I figured I’d try Comodo out and have a quick question. If I install on say my laptop where I do the support from and want to connect back to say my server at a Colo, does that install on the server require a different registered account? I tried to use the same on 2 separate machines and it seems that you disconnect yourself from the first machine that establishes the connection?

If that’s the case that means far too many accounts to remember and LogMeIn is a much better option.

That’s exactly correct. A secured VPN connection is an A to B connection, where A and B are separate identifiable entities. Allowing the same entity to exist more than once is contrary to standard security practices.

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??? I’m a newbie, so I have some questions: If I understand correctly, I need to register my remote system separately, in other words register as a different user? Been using Logmein, but it IS a hassle :wink: Sorry if I sound dumb, but there are times the label sticks!

You understand it correctly - each PC that you want to contact using EasyVPN must be connected as a unique entity - i.e. it must have a separate account.

Think of the VPN as a secured conversation. It takes place between TWO parties, each uniquely identifiable. This uniqueness allows EasyVPN to ensure that traffic between A and B is only understandable by A and B.

Unlike LogMeIn, EasyVPN does not allow currently unattended remote connections - someone has to be at the other end to accept the remote connection request. Comodo are reviewing how to allow unattended connections without compromising security.

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Thank you for the fast reply! Yes the info helps, but I need to remotely administer an unattended computer. Oh well, guess I’ll have to continue using Logmein 88) Is there any way I can be notified of the inclusion of unattended remote login?

The best way is to check the BETA topic for EasyVPN

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OK will do. I appreciate your help. Hope you have a good weekend. :slight_smile:

“If that’s the case that means far too many accounts to remember and LogMeIn is a much better option.”

Also, when the bug that stops you from creating an account is not able to create an account, then that email address is wasted and unable to be used again.

For that reason I am uninstalling, deleting and when you have worked out a better way for ppl to create an account, I will maybe consider your software again.
At the moment I shall use an alternative software which appears to work well without the aggrevation of losing email addresses. In my humble opinion, an email address is not to improve security for registration, but is just a future commercial decision. An email address has got nothing to do with my IP address or MAC addresses.
I found something that works better for me with VPN at home for friends and family and is a lot easier to set up.
Good luck.