Multimedia Builder plugin - posxy.dll - false positive

Dear COMODO Team
First of all please take a look here:
Multimedia Builder is a piece of software for creating multimedia CD-ROMs, MP3 players etc
its home page:
Perhaps some users of this COMODO forum also know that nice application. Multimedia Builder uses plugins - DLL files whose have to be distributed together with the compiled project, to enhance its capabilities and usefullness. Those plugins are mostly written by enthusiasts and are mostly freeware. One of them is posxy.dll. As You can see (mmb forums topic - link above) there is a problem commonly known in MMB community, that posxy.dll is treated by many antivirus applications - including Yours - as an infected file, containing a virus. I assure You - this is false positive alarm - please read the topic on mmb forums. I can provide You with the problematic file, so You could examine it and thus fix Your virus database, so the posxy.dll would never be treated as an infected file again.

Greetings from Poland


pls submit this file for analysis so that we can take the appropriate action.


File submitted. You should have received my message yesterday.