multidomain certificate and IPs


I have one VPS with a IP. I have 8 domain running on that box. I would like to buy multi-domain certificate. So my question, do I need 8 different IPs (single dedicated IP for each domain)?

For Multi Domain SSL Certificates, you would only need 1 IP address.

You can watch a Comodo Video that explains it for you.

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Is there any advantages/disadvantages having 1 IP or having multiple IP?


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This article might be of help to you.


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Hi, by the way, how to generate CSR for multi-domain

The procedure will depend on your server software type (ie: IIS, APACHE, etc).

Select your server software type and follow there the steps given for you to generate your CSR.


With Aapche, this looks to be process

Does this apply same for multi-domain?


You can generate the CSR and purchase the Multi-Domain SSL Certificate in the same process.

Multi-Domain SSL Certificate (MDC), purchase and generate CSR here.
EV Multi-Domain SSL Certificate (EV MDC), purchase and generate CSR here.

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