Just put a XP VM into Virtualbox & downloaded CIS v6.x
WOW! where are all my features?
I use multicommander & as soon as I run it Comodo halts it then I get BSOD & reset before I can do anything.
So I can just add the exe via defence+ right?
Looks like not any more. :cry:
I am wading through a lot of posts about this new interface but I need to be able to manage things as in v5, if I wanted a dumbed down product I’d use Kaspersky etc. :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry if this seems like a rant but this is a huge let-down for my everyday usage. No control = no use.
How do I add files to the white list if there is no user editable whitelist? Or is this an XP thing?

You will get your interface back in 10 days.

Regardless of the interface, or the rules, you should never get a BSOD. Please create a bug report for that.

Thank you.

Thanks for the fast responses guys.

I don’t have the dump anymore, I decided to delete the install & start again, now I’m having trouble getting the installer - broken downloads from cnet, now on 7 attempt to get a complete & uncorrupted file. Guess it’s just not my day!


Managed to grab a screenie

No logs are being written, no dumps created, maybe it’s DEP? I see CIS flash red then its BSOD time.

YAAAY about the returning interface BTW.

It’s probably best to just download the installer through the forum. Is there a reason you don’t want to do that?

I’d just g00gled it & that as where the comodo page bounced me to. Got i now tho! :wink:

Does’nt appear to be DEP related. Still crashes on a clean install with only CIS & MC installed where MC is added to DEP exclusions.
As this is a legacy system for some XP-only hardware I will keep playing around to see if I can extract any more info.