I think Comodo is great. One issue I have is Multicharts will not compile with Comando.

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PowerLanguage Editor is the indicator study editor for the charting platform MultiCharts.

Since I started with MultiCharts 6.1 there has been a problem with compiling indicator studies when Comodo Internet Security is installed. I am not sure which module in Comodo are causing this, but when uninstalling CIS everything works fine. So there seems to be something in CIS which is preventing PowerLanguage Editor to do its job.

There is now a new version of MultiCharts, which is version 7 Beta 2. With this version the issue with Comodo CIS is the same. I have set both MultiCharts and PL Editor as trusted programs.

As a temporary solution I have been forced against my wishes to uninstall CIS and install Zone Alarm instead.

Could you please look into this?

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I have installed the CIS again, but without the Antivirus module. The result of this is that it still prevents the PL Editor in compiling studies. So it is not the Antivirus module.

I’ve set Defense+ on strict policy to give me an indication of what is happening. When I select “compile” Defense+ jumps in and asks if StudyServer.exe should be permitted in executing g++.exe, this even if I have set both as “Trusted”. Both belongs to MultiCharts. When I permit it still prevents compilation.

Note that compiling worked fine before I installed CIS again.


The Trusted Application allows a lot of things. Starting another application is not one of them.

You can edit the rule of StudyServer.exe to allow starting g+.exe. When you get the alert simply allow StudyServer.exe to start g+.exe and tell it to remember your answer.

When working with compilers yo may get new processes being spawn from the executable. Then it is better to give StudyServer.exe the Installer/Updater policy or the Windows System Application policy. They are both allowed to start other applications without user interaction.

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Thank you for your reply. I tried both Installer/Updater policy or the Windows System Application policy, but still it does not do the trick. From the MultiCharts forum this is a known problem for MultiCharts users with Comodo CIS. Because of this I thought I could try to get the issue solved.

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Please try the workarounds as described in App. is not working correctly, but does not seem to be s/boxed. What to do? [v5] and see if that brings a solution.