Multicast & Nat Redirection settings [RESOLVED]

I have a Linksys WRT610N router. I have a PC that is wired to the router. On the wireless side I use an ipod touch and occasionally a laptop. I do not play games or have an xbox or anything like that set up. I don’t share files or printers. I have a cable connection. On the router I have Filter Internet Nat Redirection and Filter Multicast checked. In my Comodo firewall log I receive messages that say my Windows Operating System is blocked; UDP; Source IP; Source Port 138; Destination IP; Destination Port 138.

Is what my firewall log telling me a good thing or a bad thing? I can’t figure out what the settings should be on the router for the above two options to insure a secure connection and what the impact is.


Hi share,

That’s a windows broadcast packet should be the ip address of your pc the .255 one is a broadcast over the “local network”.

Based on your information you can safely disable this by going to the properties of your network adapter, select the TCP/IP properties, go to the WINS tab and disable Netbios over TCP/IP.

This will disable the ports 137/138/139 on your system and also eliminate these broadcasts.

I didn’t even think to look there. Netbios over TCP/IP was disabled. However, somehow the File and Printer Sharing option had been enabled. I turned that off and it should resolve the issue.