Multi-User setup issue [Resolved]

Hi there. I downloaded and installed your Anti-spam program. I have Multi users on my computer, actually just two set up. On my side I got your program to work fine. On my Wife’s side it would not work right. Every time I checked for e-mails on her side, I had to re-enter her information over again. And it would not let me activate it with the password you sent me. Is it not possible to use it with Multiple Users set up?


Sorry that no one responded. Glad you got it worked out, and posted your findings.

For other users’ benefit, can you clarify a little more about the user name issue?

Such as, where was the name incorrect - email client application, or antispam? Where/how did you find out there was a variance, and how did you correct it? Also, what email app are you using?



Tnx again, Mailman!

I will go ahead and mark the topic as resolved, and close it. If you need it reopened, just PM a Moderator (please include a link back here) and we will be glad to do so.


PS: I also changed the topic/subject line to better reflect the nature of the issue, so it will be more “searchable”