Multi-User logoff and logon locks computer XP Home SP2

Isolated the problem to the latest beta build, if I use switch user on a Sony Vaio laptop running XP home SP2, as soon as I go to logon any other user the computer freezes at the logon screen. The only way out is to power down and reboot.

If I exit the anti-virus before I switch user all is well.


I have more information on this problem and experienced it myself.

cpf.exe will not shut down.

Instead of logoff, I did a switch user.

  • I used the Task Manager - Users screen to logoff the user.
  • cpf.exe would not shut down.
  • cpf.exe could not be killed by the Windows Task Manager.

It locks up when you attempt to logoff. I think a complete system shutdown will work - where you shutdown without logging off.

Is there any chance for a fix.

I am a new user of comodo firewall.

It has worked around -I will try it later. - I found this using google and it is located somewhere in this forum:

Try the user profile hive cleanup service from Microsoft:

This usually speeds up shutdown or log off times and should help with your problem.

That’s a good utility, I’ve used that before. Problem is gone with v3 final…