multi-user login problem

I just installed Comodo2 with no apparent problems. My immediate problem is that when switching users on the PC, only the fist login gets usage of Comodo. All other users get a message that Comodo is in use. This sure seems to be a BIG hole in the firewall. What gives?

Hi and welcome,

Currently, CPF does not support fast user switching. The next release (not far away) will and there will be a beta release of this next week if you want to try it.

If you want to solve this temporarily you will need to logoff each user before logging onto another account.


we should hopefully (fingers crossed) have a beta version out on Tuesday next week :slight_smile:


Thanks for the quick response. I look forward to the beta release.

Oh, I thought it was a FEATURE!

I usually keep an administrative account always logged in on my main machine, and I actually prefer not having anyone else fiddle with the firewall settings from their accounts.

Could this be set as an option? Maybe it could be left on by default, and if somebody like me needs the interface to be on only one user the option could be disabled under advanced settings?

pls put that in the wish list so that our developers can act on it.