Multi user function in XP does not work

Hi, when you switch user, CAV does not work, it says error, multi user not supported. I searched the forum and someone else inquired but there was no answer. Is there a workaround or must I log off and then have the other user log on?


CAV does not support to work around on multi user switching, in order to work with it you should log off from the current user and then login to the other.

Thanks! Are there any plans to incorporate this feature into future updates.

I would like to know if the multiple users will be supported in the near future as well. For the moment, this is the only thing keeping me from using CAVS as my primary antivirus. My wife and I are often logged in at the same time; and she is not really interested in the “technical” aspects of computers.

I do think these are in the plans as there is complained over it before. Of course I’m just a user and can just guess (R).