Multi Processor + WinXP Pro = ILLEGAL

Today I found out something ridiculous:

“1. GRANT OF LICENSE. Microsoft grants you the following rights provided that you
comply with all terms and conditions of this EULA:
1.1 Installation and use. You may install, use, access, display and run one
copy of the Software on a single computer, such as a workstation, terminal or other
device (“Workstation Computer”). The Software may not be used by more than two (2)
processors at any one time on any single Workstation Computer

So… is that mean, when I’m using my quad core processor with WinXP Professional, then it’s illegal, and I’m prep for the prison?

Holy Shax!

<a href=">The source page

That’s 2 more than mine!

I don’t believe so. When MS drew up that license we (the general public) didn’t have multi-core processors. What was available were multi-CPU systems (2 max at the time I think) & it was this, I believe, that MS was trying to address. At the time, in bigger boxes, we had systems with 32+ CPUs that (if you felt insane enough) could actually run a different instance of Windows on each CPU. In any event, in XP licensing terms, MS don’t consider a processor with multiple cores on a single die multiple processors… actually XP isn’t very convinced either (not sure about Vista/2008).

Correct Kail. Given the shift in technologies since the EULA was written, Microsoft (at least MS AU) are now interpreting “processors” (in this context) as meaning “single die, multiple core processors”.

Ewen :slight_smile:

I actually read that the other day when I was installing XP on a system. I wasn’t too worried because of the fact that the EULA was writting in 2000-2001.

I managed to find an article about it
Microsoft To OK One License for Multicore Chips

I guess multicore licensing was only a way to target specific market segment and make more money per licence from it.