I have locked the other two topics about multi-language version and created this one.
Instruction about what to do can be found below.

People that decided to help us:

1. Arabic
2. Portugese (Brazilian)
3. Chinese(Simplified) - calvin0512
4. Chinese(Traditional)
5. Czech
6. Danish
7. Dutch - eXperience , Mack , flippertje
8. Estonian - V7chy
9. Finnish
10. French - symbian
11. German - Philee
12. Italian
13. Japanese Nipsu , pul , aroedrink
14. Polish - commandor
15. Portuguese (Europe) - thejoedoe
16. Romanian
17. Russian - Michaels, 535# , Dima
18. Slovak - Mr.Henky , Anathaen
19. Swedish - Shuriken , Aleksis
20 Spanish - dam8795
21 Hungarian - Arkangyal , Blattida
22 Croatian
23 Norwegian
24 Turkish - sametkaan
25 Greek
26 Indonesian
27 Finnish
28 Hebrew
29 Persian
30 Korean
31 Catalan
32 Serbian
33 Ukrainian


Attached you will find the ENGLISH language pack which can be also be considered the TEMPLATE for any language translation. Just get that pack, edit the files with Wordpad or OpenOffice word and save as UNICODE. After that pack everything into one ZIP file and name it .zip.

Attached are what we currently have. I put them there as some are incomplete, but those are also there for other users review.

The Multi-Language Setup thread was removed.

Thank you for helping us with this.
I will update this list daily.

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I’m Turkish language.
I started construction of the Turkish language remained only cfp file

türkçe dilin yapımına başladım sadece cfp dosyası kaldı

Updated russian translation.

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Estonian language updated. (CBU 2.0 and setup)

v1.2 [27.06.2009]

  • Minor corrections.


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??? I don’t understand, this is the CSC languaje pack or is for comodo backup??? ;D


For CSC will come next week. This is for CB. We merged the topics from both forums couple fo weeks ago.

japanese rc file translated.

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Why was my name removed from the list since it was me who translated COMODO Backup? >.>


I think we made some mistake when modifying the post. I am sorry for that, it will be fixed.

You have been added to the list

Thank you