Mugged and robbed by Comodo.

Yes this is true :o.
I paid for TrustConnect via PayPal on 12 April 2009.
The cash was taken by PayPal from my bank account on 15 April 2009.
I had excellent service from the TC support team during my sign up problems.
After 15 April I received an email from…CISCUSTOMER[at]COMODO.COM.
They asked me to update my credit card details and that my credit card expired in 7 days and would cause me problems with the products I had purchased.
I asked the accounts [at] if this was a joke?.
I had paid for TrustConnect via PayPal.
My payment details should be between me and PayPay, not Comodo.
Any way my credit card did not expire in 7 days as quoted.
This was false information.

Thinking this was a spoof…I cancelled any further payments(recurring) with PayPal for Comodo TrustConnect services.

I have now been rejected by Comodo Accounts and am not receiving any support from the TC support team.
This is being mugged, well and truely by bad guys.
Comodo have my money(for 1 year from 12 April 2009) and do not wish to give me any service.
I have now uninstalled my Comodo products(CIS).
I can not trust Comodo at all.
They only have to explain to me why they you asking me for credit card details and spreading false information about the expiry date of my card?.
The siilence is deafening from Comodo accounts and TS departments.
Buckham yai O0

Greetings, I’m forwarding this post to Melih, the CEO of Comodo.


I will not hold my breath.
I have been waiting a reply from Friday from TC and Accounts.
Lost at sea with no one who wants to help from Comodo.
They have my money and are very happy.
Buckham yai.

Please tell me what emails you wish to see that claims I have 7 days remaining on my credit card.
Also wishing me to update my credit card details.
I paid via PayPal.
Also the last log sent requesting help from TC Support.
Nothing has been heard from them.
They appear not interested in my dispute having paying for a 1 years service.
Tell me what you want.
Your staff appear to be uninterested in servicing me for reasons that they have.
Hope you can tell me what is going on at Comodo.
And also answer my questions posted to Accounts last Friday.
Buckham Yai.


We apologize for the inconvenience the Trust Connect product manager will be emailing you shortly to resolve your issue.



I believe it is important for the people of Comodo and in particular those who may have read my first post to have an update and a close to this subject.
Comodo have confirmed an error was made in asking for my credit card information.
Also an apology has been received which I think is a good step forward for Comodo.

My disgust at the treatment by Comodo Accounts and the lack of interest of TrustConnect Support following my cancellation of a recurring charge still has a very bitter taste in my mouth.

But now I wish to be positive.
As good should come from my very bad experience.

Comodo products are good, as I view them.
The team training is lacking.
How someone can blacklist a customer who has paid for a full year is disgraceful.
Comodo must learn from my bad experience.

Nip problems in the bud.
Do not allow them to fester.
A small problem today is a greater problem tomorrow.
Talk to the customers.

We will look in to this and come back.
Or…please be patient while we check this out.
It is far better than ignoring all emails and request for information.
This non action only makes things worse.
Use my example as a case study Comodo, how not to p*ss off the customer.

Now for me, I am a non Comodo user now.
Gone to other companies.

I really do hope my experience never happens to another Comodo customer.

My seaming rash statement of ……Mugged and robbed by Comodo…is so true and stands today

Buckham yai.
My last post…

These sort of things should be reported as soon as possible. In the U.S.A. I would start with the BBB. Also never provide personal information over the WEB, it is just not worth it. Protect yourselves no one else is going to do it for you.

Also unless you are running a company or business off your computer you don’t need more than a good “FREE” virus protection program and the firewall which was provided with your system when you purchased it. COMODO is not necessarily the program either, there are others available that are quiet good, do some research.


Yes, it was very likely a spoof - never ever update your credit card details from an email asking you to do so. EVER!

Chances are, a criminal used your card and that’s how you got into this tangle. I hope you canceled your old card and got a new one.

It’s likely COMODO never even sent that first email - it’s very easy to fake the return address in an email. As easy as writing a wrong return address on a piece of snail mail. You don’t even need special tools to do it.

Unfortunately, the day that everybody uses encrypted and signed emails still seems very, very far away.


. . . and until that day arrives, you should never trust the “from” field to be accurate.

I’d disagree, many of the antiviruses that come standard are bloated and really hurt the performance of a PC. In addition, the firewall that comes with Windows is very, very basic and won’t provide the best protection.

. . . and many of the security things that come standard with new computers are unfortunately TRIAL versions and stop working after 30 days or so. Which is really sad, because most people won’t renew and will leave themselves vulnerable.