mt4 is russian spyware?


I just found out today that MT4, metatrader 4, almost certainly contains spyware. I have been getting a lot of unusual requests when i run mt4 (a forex trading platform) to plug the program into itself as a global - probably to elevate its own privilages. It has almost certainly infected other trusted programs as i have been getting many messages from comodo saying the a trusted program is trying to modify Comodo!!!.

I have download a few virus/spyware scanners in order to get rid of it but I still get problems and they cannot find the spyware - probably because it is encrypted within the product somewhere and is not recognizable until just before it is executed!!

read this:

unfortunately, MT was designed to be a spy — to report back to home !

i had a russian spreadbetter that was fabulous, but was using a delay on manual

trades, often on entry and always on exit — naturally, i used limit orders

which stopped them dead and since i dont use stops, they didnt have those to

hunt either !

that the program was designed in a country whose “ideals” may not be very ideal

and whose “spy” contingent probably outnumbers citizens, it is of NO surprise

that the software is set up this way.

one learns to work with the limitations they set up, and after a while its not

really too hard, but i DO TRADE FROM A DIFFERENT SET OF CHARTS than i use with

my “broker”, and so no information gets to them !

but they really do bite if one is interested in truth and justice and some type

of decent morality !

enjoy and trade well


notice on every copy of MT4 theres a little piece of code on line 7845 that

reads "say hello to mr putin !