I’ve just installed Live Messenger and when I read through the terms they have it said they will collect data and maybe even monitor conversations. When I tried to log in I saw msnmsgr.exe try to access through all sorts of ports. I’m questioning the trusthwortiness of this program. I’ve sent the files for analyse to Comodo. I would like to know more about what this does exactly. They say they collect information to prevent illegal activities, enhance service and whatnot, but it sounds like spyware to me. :-\

Hi regarding msn messenger , its been common knowledge to me now for a few years that most messenger apps such as msn yahoo and aol , record all conversation data for what i believe remains on file for upto 2 years or so, so to the question of is this spyware and how it obtains it must surely be in the license agreement prior to installation , im not sure if it is because ive never read it , but if you consider the benefits it could have to police if a child had been abducted through msn meetings etc then surely its a nothing to hide nothing to fear factor , be interesting what other people have too say . Good Quiery though .

It’s fine by me if it is used for good purposes, but i can’t know that. Sombody at the Messenger company may exploit it, who knows. Also I don’t know if it is used just to record conversations, or if it is actually a way for the company to get inside my computer to do other stuff, or maybe a hacker may find a vulnerability through it. I would just like a second opinion from Comodo or someone who knows exactly what is going through the various ports that Messenger wants to connect through.
Yeah, I know…I have internet paranoia. (:TNG)