MSN slow transfer

First of all, I would like to say that I’m very pleased so far with CPF. It’s a great firewall and of course it’s free :wink:

but… As so many others I’ve trouble transfering files via msn at full speed. After trying a few things, I located the problem.

It seems, that the #5th (if you haven’t edited anything there: added, removed, moved etc.) rule in network control was the core of the problem.

After creating a new rule which allowed any out/in-going connections with a TCP IP protocol, the problem was solved.

My question is now: Does this make my computer more open to attacks, if yes, how much more? :expressionless:

Any help is appreciated, thank you.

Hi RizzeR & welcome to the forums.

The final rule in the Network Monitor is the final blocking rule. With this rule absent, you have opened your firewall to all legitimate unsolicited connections. You are wide open & anybody can connect to you as far as CPF is concerned. But, if you’re behind a router or something that has a hardware firewall, then you are probably protected from unsolicited connection attempts by that. If not, oops.

I think should put the rule back. Block, IP In/Out - Any Any.

Check CPFs log to see what that rule is blocking. Then you need to consider creating a new network rule (or rules) above the last blocking rule, to allow whatever is being blocked. Check the FAQs for additional information.

Heh, that’s kinda what i did. I checked my logs and it was TCP incoming. I created a rule which allowed any IP incoming with a tcp protocol. that helped on the msn problem. I put it above the block all rule, which I never removed in the first place.

But an allow all incoming tcp rule, is still rathter unsafe >_<… I guess I’ll have to live with slow msn transfer :frowning:

Thanks for the help anyway.

Hey RizzeR

It would be better to limit your new rule to specific ports or a narrow range of ports. And if the source IP number is constant or there is a limited number of IP numbers, then you should limit the rule to those as well (when possible).