MSN Messenger Problem with non-hotmail accounts

I installed Comodo FW 2.4 on my Windows 2000 SP 4 + (any critical/non-critical updates released)

I can not login to my MSN account like (lots of tries), but i can login to at the same time (multi-msn patch etc),

When i exit comodo, i can login to both accounts together

Msn messenger version is 7 with Msn plus 3 plugin

I checked Application monitor etc but no clues, (why hotmail can login but gmail can’t)

Do you have any idea?


Any denied connections from logs?


Sorry for late answer,
Busy with some projects

I tried again, five mins ago i was on msn with gmail account, then i signed out and opened comodo
now i can not re log in
i first check application stuff
msnmsgr.exe tcp/udp out allowed on all ports
no activity logs detected about msn (no blocks)

then notification about a possible update came, i updated, and now i can connect : )

If you open the application rule for msnmsgr.exe, go to the miscellaneous tab, and select “Skip advanced security checks.” OK. reboot.

Hopefully that will help.

If not, we’ll take some other steps…