MSN Hijacked..?

I keep getting these strange MSN Messages from my Contacts. I’m wondering if anyone knows what could be causing them. I don’t think I’m infected with Malware, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they were.

The only other thing I can think of is that they may have given their MSN logins away on a Scam Site? I will ask them.

Anyone any clues?

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“Edited the links to make them non-clickable just in case” Matt

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It’s not your mistake, those people logged in into a web service. It’s extremely annoying I know it, but you can’t fight it…


Its also possible that “daniel” might be infected…

Its usual for malware to spread through chat clients with the use of malicious links like that. Its probably so that daniel send those links to all his contacts without even knowing it himself… =)

I know one of them has logged into the eBuddy Web Service from a Play Station 3. I will ask Daniel if he has used the same Web Service when I see him, and post the answer.

I will also get them to change their MSN Passwords too.

Thanks. :-TU

What You Have Said Is Abosutely Right. Changing The PasswordWill Fix The Issue. The Reason Iam Saying Is One Of My Friend Got The Same Link And When He Clicked On The URL, It Prompted For The MSN ID And The Password. He Signed Using His ID And Password. It Seems That His ID And Password Had Been Stored. After This Event Even If He Has Not Signed Into MSN, Someone Else Automatically Signs In Without His Knowledge Using The Stored Password And Send This Link To Everyone On His Contact List. So We Requested Him To Change His Password And The Issue Is Fixed For Him .

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Fact is, when you go to that site he gives you, you will have to enter your accountname+pass. That way, the service will abuse it to spam to other contacts you have.


Several of us have experienced this recently. The solution is to have your friend change his login password to something completely different (and stronger if possible). As has been mentioned already, this is a phishing expedition by some malicious programmer.


19/05/2009 00:33:30 Dєякк J2897 hxxp:// :D

A couple of them use ‘MSN Plus’. Which is interesting, because when I Search for ‘MSN Plus’ in Google, my ‘Untangle Server’ Blocks their Web Page… (They may have Black-Listed it for some reason.)

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I Hope You Might Be On A Corporate Network And Moreover Messenger Plus is Not A Different Messenger. Its Just An Add-in/Plug-in Pack For Windows Live Messenger

Home Network.

Alright. You Need To Configure The Untagle To Unblock The Url. The Below Link Will Help You To Do It

19/05/2009 10:45:37 Dєякк J2897 hxxp://**********&image=DSC00678.JPG ?!? ... HAHAHA!! :P

Thanks napsterz, but I don’t want to “Unblock” it. I want to know why they Blocked it. I will post at Untangle and Link to this thread.

I will continue to post the URL’s in case people Search Google for them. Hopefully they will find the Cause and Solution in this thread.

[ Untangle Post ]

Have no idea why it was blocked. But why bother with MSN Plus? Last I heard some of the features it had were pretty much useless unless the persons on your contact list also uses it. Then again this was years ago so maybe things have changed.

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