MSN Games Zone blocked

I am a computer tech, and I finally gave up on ZoneAlarm and all it’s problems. I’m testing Comodo firewall for the first time.

On a client’s computer, Comodo blocks the download and play of games on MSN Games Zone (, but it is not blocked on my computer. Since the client picked up her computer before I could solve this problem (and the problem of so many firewall pop-up questions), I had to uninstall Comodo from that computer.

I would still like to figure out why the same Comodo rules on one computer would block MSN Games, while not on another computer.

Could be something to do with the chipset. If it’s an nVidia nForce4 platform, then that has a built-in hardware firewall. Check C:\NVIDIA\nForceWinXP\x.xx\Ethernet (where “x.xx” represents the driver version) to see if there’s a folder in there called NAM (NAM = Network Access Manager which is the firewall). There should also be a shortcut on the desktop to configure it.

Later chipsets i.e. the 500 and 600 series have a service called Forceware IP service which is listed in the Win XP Services menu. This is the firewall component from the previous nF4 chipset, but isn’t user configurable. You can however reset it from “Automatic” to “Manual” in the OS menu (click the “Stop” button first).