MSN explorer

Hate to ask question about ‘free’ firewall…but, had trouble with my paid firewall, decided to try this one, for awhile. Anyway, installed fine…but, when I try to access MSN explorer, get the spash page, but when I click to ‘sign on’ it just sits, and sits, etc. Have no visible problems, so far, with IE pages, they load fine. I use MSN explorer and for an e-mail address…cannot sign on. It asked me for permission the first time I tried to access, I said ‘allow’, but nothing happens. Suggestions?

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Have you made any changes to any of the Network Monitor rules created by default installation? That’s the first question… :wink:

Second question, have you run the Application Wizard? If not, go to Security/Tasks/Scan for Known Applications. Follow the prompts. Reboot when finished. Then try MSN again.

If this uses some specific application that is not listed in the Application Monitor, you may need to add that application, and Allow it to connect to the internet.

That’ll get us started…


Just wanted to bring you up to date…I had 2 Firewalls on my computer. However, before I installed Comodo Firewall, I disabled ‘services’ for old firewall, and deleted ‘startup’ for old firewall, so thought I did things just fine, did not want two firewalls running. I then installed Comodo…had the problems listed about accessing pages, etc. Anyway, I just went to ‘Add/Remove’ and completely removed the old firewall (but thought disabling would have been fine). Then, checked, and can access all the pages, MSN.exe, and others, which I was unable to access. Do not understand why this was the problem but it works…so thanks…

Simply disabling a previous firewall does not solve problems because their drivers are most likely already loaded with CFP running. That’s why a complete uninstall of the previous firewall is necessary.