many updates but allways the same problems…

i say problems becouse this is a personal firewall right?

the basic aplications have to be better configured by default, like zonealarm or other firewalls do

the firewall is very simple to install and runs very well in my pcs :slight_smile: i like that

but doenst work with the moust used programs :frowning:

emule - low id

bitorrent - the same

msn - impossible to get files ITS TO SLOW even in adsl 4mb i wait 5 minutes to a 1mb file trasfer…

one good thing is configure private network :slight_smile: in a simple click i have my 2 pcs conected and sharing net and files

if this are the most wasked questions (p2p programs, msn etc) how tha hell this people dont put that rules in the firewall ?

every new version i install comodo in hope to see this resolved but…

Welcome at the forums (:WAV)

At least you could do a basic search through the forum.

See these topics:,411.0.html,894.0.html