MSN bug still not fixed

The bug where MSN should open in the system tray with the compatibility fix. But when Comodo installed doesn’t work is still not fixed.

MSN does’t open in the tray anymore. And MSN open terribly slow.

I know this is not a huge problem. But many people use MSN. And it would be great of this would be fixed in Windows 7 .

Any news that for the 4.1 this is fixed???

You might want to try this fix: here.

At least until 4.1 is out

Best wishes


Hi Guys,

I personally, have a different opinion about MSN or “Live” appearing in the SysTray, meaning all needed tweaks applied in order to NOT making that happen ever!

At the same time, I do understand that some users do like it despite all & many security issues it can bring… that’s their own choice at the end of the day

Anyway, mouse1 - the link you posted has nothing to do neither with security treats not with the “fix”


THis is a tale of two fixes! The guard32 fix resolve problems in many apps affected by the compatibility mode fix!

Thank you for your replay. If I understand well. In 4.1 this issue will be fixed ? Without me having to tweak thing while Comodo is installed?

If that’s the case I am patient. At the moment I find Comodo a bit slow on my 64 system.
Also as it doesn’t open MSN quickly like it used too.

That’s a speculation, not a prediction.

There is a reason for asking you to try the fix. If its a confirmed guard32 issue, then I can ask a mod with Win 7 to replicate and thereby test 4.1. (The mods have 4.1). The mods want to know if the guard32 issues are fixed, too.

The devs are heads down at the moment and probably incommunicado, so cannot ask them…


Please also add the information suggested in ‘how to submit bugs’ in the stickies above.

Many thanks