MSI error, roll back while installation

CIS V3 is in *.exe format, but V4 is *.msi format.

And I counter problem with *.msi format.

Installation the CIS_Setup_4.0.129536.679_x86.msi, and I saw MSI error. Then roll back.

Installation fail.

What does it say? Can you post a screenshot of the alert?

My install also rolls back, it gets to installing kernel drivers, sit there for a few seconds then rolls back the installation.
Tried disabling all other security software including stopping their services and disabling any drivers they use.
also tried disabling pretty much everything else, as well as disabling all unneeded services, uninstalling all old programs, cleaning up the registry, (cleaning up after the old cis uninstaller, it left some junk in the registry)

[attachment deleted by admin]

It should be Microsoft msi issue. It said report error to Microsoft after roll back. I am using Taiwan’s MS Windows XP OS.

Have you tried using the clean-up-tool? This worked for me as I the same problem.;msg259617#msg259617

You can try CIS 4 - Solutions to Windows Installer Error.

That is odd. It could be a problem with your MSI installer. I would contact Microsoft about that.

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