C:\windows\system32\dllcache\msctf.dll keeps appearing in my “Files awaiting your attention” list. I have added it numerous times to the “safe list” yet hours (or days) later there it is again. Anyone know how to fix this minor annoyance?

msctf.dll is a module which belongs to the Microsoft Text Service Module.

You could try this:

go to ControlPanel → Regional and Language Options → Languages Tab → Details button → Advanced Tab → Check the ‘Turn off advanced text services’

If you realize later you need the advanced text service then you can turn it back on.

Thanks for the reply. I expect that will work, but seems a little like throwing the baby out with the bath water.

The root problem to which I hope to find an solution, is how to force CFW 3 to ignore files in the users list of “safe files” (whether it is msctf.dll or any other file).

Unfortunately I think there is no way currently - I keep getting the same files appear every time my antivirus updates, even though the files are already in my safelist they keep appearing saying ‘modified’. I think this is something Comodo will have to ‘iron out’ and meanwhile we will just have to keep removing the files from the pending list.

Anybody who knows a way to get around this please feel free to let us know…


Thanks again for your reply, NTTW

Incidentally, I noticed (using FileMon) that CPF continuously opens an closes msctf.dll.
Why does it do that?

I had exactly the same problem Alexo… using Filemon I saw that CPF3 was constantly accessing msctf.dll. Slowing things down in the process.

N.T.T.W’s advice above sorted the problem though. If you don’t need these Text Services (as I don’t), this is a solution.

I need to type in 3 languages so, for me, the “solution” is worse than the problem.