msconfig Comodo dual entry [Resolved]

Start>Run>msconfig>Start Tab

Dual listing of

“C:\Program Files\Comodo\Firewall\CPF.exe” /background

Safe to disable one entry?



Hi Bill. Welcome to the forum.

I have never seen 2 instances of that. That is strange. Did you have a previous version installed? You can to disable one and see if CFP still works.

Thanks for the quick response

I did have 2.4 previous version (2.3?) and upgraded to 2.4.

I’ll try what you suggested, and let you know what happens.


That’s a possibility. I don’t know since I clean uninstalled 2.3 and then installed 2.4.

Deleted entry in Start Tab

Restarted comp, everything seem OK

Thanks a lot


You’re welcome :).

Hopefully on the next version, it will remove the duplicate/obsolete registry entry.