MS XP firewall enough? [merged threads]

Quite true! Microsofts firewall is actually quite enough IF YOU HAVE A ROUTER. Now although if you do not have a router with a firewall, the Microsoft firewall will stealth ports, as ragwing has noted. As long as all your ports are stealthed most (like 90% or so) of hackers, will pass you by because their either 1. too lazy or 2. there just cruising for easy targets.

hi everyone,
im new to this site, have being using microsoft firewall and avg anti virus for years without any problems, having read about the out bound leaks on ms firewall i installed comodo v3,running great except that it seems to have slowed down the computer, ie it takes longer to open web pages , any help or suggestions would be great, im a senior citizen trying hard but need advice,

Hi tractor driver. I am no young turk myself, but we must keep on keeping on. It would help those who want to help you if you could provide a little more info. Such as: XP or Vista? which version of firewall are you using? are you still using AVG? etc. How slow is slow?

thanks for your reply greyhair,
im running windows xp , comodo firewall version, windows firewall is still installed on computer but is turned off, also using avg antivirus( free) + avg anti-root kit (free) + avg anti-software (free), when i was using windows firewall it would take 2 to 3 seconds to open web pages now it takes 5 to 6 seconds, im also using windows phishing filter which would account for some of the delay, but i have turned it off when using the comodo firewall and no differance, just wondering if there is something similar built into this firewall that is slowing it down, probably its just because its a better firewall and takes that bit longer to do its job properly, maybe i just need to get a better and faster pc, my spects are – 220 emachine – 2.50ghz – 640mb memory – and its about 6 years old, once again thanks for your help and sorry if im waffling on a bit but these are the first posts that i have ever done

Hi driver. I have similiar setups to yours. I also am using eMachines, XP and Vista, using Avira on both, CFP v3, MS phishing filter, cable modem. My webpages take about 3 seconds to open (depends on the website–some have better servers than others). I am assuming you don’t have dialup. If you have DSL that might slow you down some. If I am ever waiting for my computer(s) to connect to something I like to think back to the days when my parents got their first color TV (ooh! ahh!). It took about 90 seconds to come up to full radiation (it should have had a Radioactive sticker! ;D). 3 to 5, even 6 seconds sometimes, doesn’t seem so awful.
Maybe this link could point you in the direction of a cleaner, faster, Mo-chine. If it is 6 years old it may have some 6 year old junk in it. Make sure to dump your cookies and temporary internet files. I like Spybot (some here on this forum don’t, but I find it a good starting point). I also run Lavasoft’s Adaware and Advanced Windows Care V2 Personal. If you are not familiar with Advanced Win Care read the instructions (not a hard read). I wouldn’t run the registry cleaner in it too often, but maybe right now that is what your system needs.;msg126436#msg126436

Good luck, and let me know if I can help more.


thanks again greyhair,
yes im on broadband thank god for that, i done a advanced windowscare scan yesterday and took a chance and clicked on everything ( there were over 33,000 + of errors or items to fix ). everything seems to be working fine since and the pages seem to be opening faster. i also ran a “belarc advisor” test has which has showed up some very intresting stuff which i now have to find out what some of it means, by the way a good site which i use a lot and steered me towards the comode site ( i think its worth a look ) is www. , many thanks again

Be careful with error fixing software. Not only can they mess up your system a lot of them arent legit.

HI driver. Glad to hear things are running faster. No doubt the 33,000+ errors were a lot of nasty sites and cookies and such that Adv. Windows Care is supposed to block from you going to, and weren’t necessarily on your computer (but still bad places to visit). In your further investigations if you find something that looks funny make sure you find out what it really is before you delete it. I find that web searches for even common, safe, items might lead you to believe you have found something evil, when it is really something your computer needs. Remember you can always submit individual files to, a site where many AV products will scan your file(s) for trouble (albeit one at a time).
Good luck, stay warm.


“it protects the system at boot.”

Have a router and you wont have to worry about boot time protection.

disconnect your network and there will be no worries at all :-)))))))))

Hehe, but that is security TO THA MAX :wink:

XP Firewall off course its not enough, With all the malware out there, You need CFP 3!. Thread Closed. If you need this thread reopened please PM myself or another Mod with a link to this thread.