MS Word save issue -- resolved, but the developers may want to read in

I had a problem with MS Word not saving over an existing file. I requested help here

but the answers didn’t help resolve the problem.

I didn’t mention an important fact there: the software involved was MS Office 2000
I now updated (after a total Windows reinstall) to MS Office 2003, and NO PROBLEM NOW, so I can use Comodo, HURRAAAY!

However, I believe it may be worth checking if Comodo is in fact incompatible with Office 2000 (unless there are people using it together with Comodo without problems, in which case my issue will remain a mistery).

I’m still using MS Office2000 and I don’t have the problem you described. Maybe a stray click on a pop-up warning created the problem?

Thank you for the information.
This means the problem must be on my end.
I have a pretty customized XP install (nLite), so I may have amputated something I shouldn’t have.
I just reinistalled everything from scratch, but with Office 2003, and no problems yet (knock on wood), even though my current install is also nLted.