MS Win Vista HP + CIS vs Kubuntu

I want to know what is better in security:
MS Windows Vista Home Premium x86 + Comodo Internet Security or Kubuntu
because today people uses linux without firewall and think that hackers and trojans cann’t kill their pc
What combination is better for average pc user?

Thank You!
I vote for Comodo!

Both are EXTREMELY secure if properly configured. Windows however is less “properly” configured out of the box. However I read somewhere that the different between windows vista and Linux regarding security holes in default installation wasn’t that great, and if some services are disabled then vista should have the upper hand regarding remote holes I believe even if I might be wrong.

Linux already comes with alot of stuff disabled but still can’t surpass vista regarding holes, not that impressive imo.

Adding CIS on top of VISTA should absolutley means that vista is the safer over a kubuntu install without additional programs.

A big minus for windows is that its probably the most targeted OS in the world! (due to market share), and the likeliness to be attacked under windows greater…

But properly configured Iam sure both are secure enough for a home environment! Usually its not the OS thats weak but rather the user, that knows very little about security.

A not so smart user can be hacked on Linux as well as on windows or mac… But its more likley he experience a baddie or similar on windows!