MS Vista (32bits) restart when playing Kart'n Crazy

Hi all :slight_smile:

First of all, thank you very much for your excellent firewall: certainly the best.

I never had problems with the last release (, but when I tried to play the game Kart n’Crazy (best free Super Mario Kart copy on Windows :wink: ) Vista restarts. Even if I desactivate CFP, the game and the PC crash (reboot). Uninstalling CFP resolve my problem :-[

Can somebody help me? Is the problem known?

Thank you in advance:)

Hi zisworg

Based on your description, I suspect that Kart n’ Crazy uses an anti-cheat system called GameGuard. More details here (sorry big topic). In summary, GameGuard uses a rootkit-like method that attempts to disable CFPs anti-rootkit protection. Comodo have made fixes to prevent a BSOD from appearing (see cited topic), but it seems that GameGuard is causing the reboots & although GameGuard has been fixed, not all games have rolled-out the new version of GameGuard. The only currently known work-around is to disable CFPs Defense+

Yes, it’s exactly that :cry:
It uses nProtect GameGuard… But, when I disable CFPs Defense+, bug isn’t solve : system crash again.


Ah, sorry to hear that. Sorry, my fault I wasn’t clear… you need to disable Defense+ permanently in order to stop the conflict. Open CFP - Defense+ - Advanced - Defense+ Settings - Check “Deactivate the Defense+ Permanently (Requires a system restart)”. A bit messy & not ideal, but it’s the only thing that will stop the reboots until GameGuard is updated in your game.

Thank you so much kail for your advice! :slight_smile: (:WIN)

I visit the GameGuard website and I saw no update available there (no public release…). Thus I must await the game developer : (