MS SQL Server 2005 not running since 4th July update

I have been running MS SQL server service on my laptop since January 2009 and CIS for much longer. The OS is Vista Business 32 bit SP1. When I started the laptop on 5th July the MS SQL Server service failed to start. When I tried to start it manually I got error 1053. When I looked at Install/Uninstall programs on the Control Panel Comodo appeared as installed on 4th July (presumably because of an update then?). No logs show that SQL has been blocked and I have tried making it a trusted program in Defense + and also put the firewall in training mode but without success. The only way I can get SQL to run is to uninstall Comodo. I have tried uninstalling and re-installing Comodo three times. SQL server continues to run until I have to restart the laptop then it fails to start when Comodo is installed. I did post this previously but it seems to have disappeared.

Your other post is here in the Main Bug Report Topic on page 3