MS Remote Desktop Connection makes CPF messages invisible

I am a newbie here but I want to say that (B).
Here is the prob I face : I have a laptop computer linked to a desktop via a WiFi router. Everything works fine and there is no connectivity troubles. But if I install a new software on the desktop PC via the MS Remote Desktop Connection it works fine until the newly installed software needs to connect to the Net : it just freezes. I figured it out by working with two computers side by side and when I logged back into the desktop with the frozen app I could see a message (Allow access…) from CPF that is invisible from the laptop RDC!
Strange… the workaround is then to rush to the desktop and allow the access and then back to my laptop…
I also tried to kill the service but it prevented me from doing so (probably due to the invisble pending message).
Are you aware of this bug ? Is there any corrective patch to use ?
By the way, for historical reason I am using Outpost Firewall on the laptop (I know…).
Thanks for keeping me updated,

IMO this is not a bug but a security feature: One should not be allowed to perform security-related decisions over the network.

For instance, no matter what method you use to remotely control a ZoneAlarm-equipped PC (RAdmin, VNC, pcAnywhere, Remote Desktop), you just can’t click on the pop-up notification.

This is a requirement for security products. A computer magazine (I forgot which, PC World?) gave this aspect one necessity of a firewall product.

Fair enough, but how do you turn this (very desirable in certain situations) feature off with legitimate reason? Make me tick a box saying you don’t recommend it… I’m a fully grown & well educated adult, I can make these decisions for myself.

Ah yes, that would be a good feature. I agree.