MS DirectShow(msvidctl.dll) Zeroday Exploit!

Be careful guys!

MS DirectShow(msvidctl.dll) Zeroday Exploit is moving around!

Recent DDOS attack.

Mutated Mydoom+Downloader.

Now, about 18000 Zombie PCs are attacking websites.

The origin(source) IPs come from China.
China’s Zombie PCs attack South Korea’s Zombie PCs and Websites.
And then South Korea’s Zombie PCs attack USA Zombie PCs and Websites.


Still going on…

The origin of attacker’s IPs came from North Korea.


50,000 not 18000 look at the link i posted in the “Urgent-Massive DDOS Attack!” topic.


You need to read again the article what you replied.
50000 is not for this attack.
50000 means usual Botnet’s number , not recent attack.

18000 zombie PCs are related with this attack(recent attack), not 50000.

At first that made no sence, but now i get you 18,000 out of 50,000 are being used right?


Yet another question: I had used the workaround procedure with the fix it option. Will it have to be undone to be able to use the new update?