MS baseline security analyser.

MBSA is one of the security monitoring applications I use occasionally. After using it, and anytime I try to open Outlook Express, Comodo warns me that mbsa.exe is using (abbrev. forgotten, but outlook express) to connect to the internet, through a process that is something to do with OLE automation. Sorry to be a bit vague. Not that knowledgeable about firewall-y things.
Not too worried, because it should be a fairly trustworthy application, but does anyone know why it is doing this? And why the Comodo warning box has a red bar across the top?
This all goes away after a restart. Also posted this in the MS security newsgroups forum.

Hi Tarq57

Are there any corresponding entries in CFWs Log? If so, could you post them here please. Also please remember to mask any private IP numbers. Thanks.

It’s probably that stubborn OLE thing issue that Comodo is working on. A future release will probably solve this. I’m not sure, but it sounds like it.

Appear not to be. In fact, there appear to be only entries for the last hour and a half. And only for automatic blocks/allows. Unless I’m looking in the wrong place. (Activity>logs)

No, Activity>logs is the right place alright. If you can reproduce it, can you take some screen shots of the pop-ups & post them here?

Ah… sorry. Some users, including myself, have a problem where the Log contents are lost between reboots. This might be why the Log entries were missing. You can test if your system is effected by this problem by checking what’s in CFWs Log now & rebooting. If the Log entries disappear then your system also has this problem. The work-around is to manually close CFW before rebooting, this saves the Log.

OK. I’ll try and reproduce the problem. Might be a day or two. Thanks.

I think the problem is resolved. Couldn’t reproduce it, and it seems, from dialogue on the microsoft newsgroup, that the mbsa updated it’s own components as part of running a scan. These updates would have flagged Comodo to a new application.