MRG "tests" shall I be afraid?

I wonder if all web called can be considered seriously. I found there many videos with comodo and not very positive for comodo.
I’m new to this and this forum but going to use free edition.

I found some info:

Does anybody know about background of “MRG” group?
I have reviewed last “test” and some videos and it not looks to me too convincing

Pls advise

Welcome to the forums.

Unfortunately now, MRG are viewed as a rouge testing organisation from COMODO’s stand point. It has been stated and facts have been shown that they change there testing methodologies and few more issues.

To answer your question - no, you should not be afraid. You can search the forum more here about MRG and related threads/post. You will see Melih’s post (Comodo’s CEO) as to why they are viewed as a rouge organisation and more. Not to worry though! :slight_smile:


Unfortunately now, MRG are viewed as a rouge testing organisation from COMODO's stand point. It has been stated and facts have been shown that they change there testing methodologies and few more issues.

Thanks for brighten. So in thiis case if you have evidence on changing methodology these “tests” I can’t take too serious at all

Anyway I will install Comodo free and make some own tests.

Have fun reading. :smiley:
For me they’re a bunch of clowns. They don’t officially test Comodo but they have a lot of videos about CIS. They suppress comments on their videos, after publishing some videos they pull back and replace with another videos, they make personal attacks/“jokes” on respectable forum members, and so on.

Bottom line they entertain me more than Benny Hill. :smiley:

As a home-user you probably shouldn’t go around worry about POCs. CIS isn’t 100% in default configure and is probably going to have a few security breaches, and possible infection ways especially for those who decide to use the white-list. But its probably not going to affect you anyhow. Unless you act stupid or get “targeted” by someone knowing more than you.

Bypassing other security software is usually done very easily by “hcakers” CIS however got a reputation of preventing many of the newly discovered threats. Thats probably why the guys at MRG is yelling about finding what they think is a very serious flaw in the default setup. This file can escape the sandbox and kill CIS in default settings. That is what they are saying.

You should always approach stuff with caution. MRG reputation may not be the best but whatever their reputation is has nothing to do with “this” being a real issue or not.

CIS is a very good suite and probably offers one of the best, if not the best protection out of the box, however its not 100% and won’t be either. If you want ever better protection there must be some tweaking from your part. But more important, knowlege. CIS do not educate its users to make the right thing when a threat pops-up. You could spend some time learning about computer security and how you get infected (usually). Just knowing that can help you avoid almost every infection.

The lesson you can take from this video however is not to be overconfident in your setup or CIS.

Be careful where you click (even on forums such as this), disable stuff, do I need Java to be active/running?? Keep your software up-to-date etc… Use strong passwords, don’t use the same passwords, and don’t share your passwords to some admin asking for it. But most important: GET A THIN FOIL HAT (or super smart aliens will take over your brain and steal your passwords and all information that way!) O0 :-TU

Nope. But I’m sure you can ask on their forums!

Or you may even call them (according to this page):


Tel: +38163402405


Tel: +44 20 3239 4007

San Jose

Tel: +1 408 533 8007

what they said no av or suite is 100% percent if u look around long enough u can find vulnerabilites

thank you all for responses, I found some info on other forums confirming your point of view, for me it’s better to stay away from MRG.

:P0lhi im new here.just to say i love comodo internet security.i have used it continuosly for over a year now and never let me down.i have just seen the MRGs rather interesting video and i believe this not to be a malware as people claim but rather a windows .hta vbscript which basically has full reign and fully trusted privelidges on a computer.naturally comodo would trust a windows application.however i think the user would have to instigate and propagate the use of such a script.thank you and all the best to everyone.

I’m more afraid of MRG themselves than of any “results” they have come up with. one of those videos i did notice that a balloon came up with something called nvidia uninstaller utility.what is that all it capable of uninstalling comodo without the users permission?thanks. ???