MRG Test #23

MRG just did an ondemand test of the top AV’s right now. Look here for the results

good job comodo.

A good job indeed. :-TU

Comodo beat two major players in the AV game. :o I’m not going to say who, you just have to read the report. ;D

Pretty good considering it was only the av part of cis that was tested. Imagine what the result would have been if they used D+ as well.


it’s a fair result. I have taken a look in the MRG Archive section (on demand scan tests only). Comodo’s antivirus results are interesting :

MRG project #16 - CIS 3.5…439 - rank 13/15 - detection rate 91.4% malware / 90% adware/spyware
MRG project #18 - CIS 3.8…477 - rank 13/18 - detection rate 96.2%
MRG project #19 - CIS 3.9…509 - rank 10/19 - detection rate 97.1%
MRG project #21 - CIS 3.12…560 - rank 15/21 - detection rate 98.1%
MRG project #23 - CIS 4.0.779 - rank 10/15 - detection rate 97.8%

Yep, the rankings and %, all the way back from CIS 3.5 to CIS 4.0 really show how well the AV Engine/Detection has improved and it can only get better. By the end of the year I think the AV/Detection side of COMODO will be top notch with the top AV’s and will be considered one of the best out there. :-TU :-TU

Yep, keep up the great work Comodo! :-TU

Wow, finally, some good, verifiable evidence of Comodo AV’s competency. Maybe I’ll reinstall this after all.