For the last two weeks since the more recent update in September for Comodo Internet Security, this program, “mpsigstub.exe,” keeps popping up.

Before that update, it never was an issue. Now, it’s become incessant.

I did find an older post about it, but it was for Comodo Firewall. It said resolved but it didn’t make any mention of a solution.

Looking around on Google, mpsigstub.exe is related to Microsoft’s Windows Defender. I have it disabled it and even went so far to uninstall it using a method I found online through the command line (CMD.exe).

It still didn’t fix it.

Setting it to Trusted or Windows System Application still makes the pop up later on because it keeps changing it’s location for some odd reason.

My system is as follows:
Comodo Firewall enabled/Anti-virus disabled (since the AV portion causes Windows 7 x64 to freeze at shutdown and during full system scan)

AMD Athlon64 X2 5000+
Windows 7 x64 RTM

Avast Anti-virus

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