I get a defense+ popup every time I start windows for mpsigstub.exe
I believe it is a windows app, and no matter what I choose (trusted app/windows system app, etc) it still asks me everytime. Very annoying.
Any suggestions?

Running Vista x64


(and yes - ‘remember my answer’ is ticked)

I’m having a hard time pinpointing any file information on mpsigstub.exe

Can you confirm that this is a window system file?


Seems like it could be a windows file,what does the alert being generated say?
Also have you tried blocking it without “remember my answer” ticked

Matty says it is an MS file. I recall having that alert and allowing it after finding it was an MS file but now not so sure see

I think this belongs to the ■■■■■■ program named Windows Defender. The reason our friend isn’t able to set it as trusted application, is because (I think I remember correctly) it is being executed under a different folder every time!



mpsigstub.exe is a Windows related process to Microsoft’s AS Program. Thank god I now have XP.


Thanks for the replies people

As always… hahahah just kidding!

I’m very glad to have helped! So this is resolved!